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authorChristian Mauderer <>2021-05-17 09:32:21 +0200
committerChristian Mauderer <>2021-05-28 08:27:08 +0200
commita3ebe17994beceef137acb0b240af185ed1b5768 (patch)
parent2509b62106c32560a2fad001eaef63cac8d53fd4 (diff)
bsps/imxrt: Remove superfluous options from dtc
The -@ option adds symbols that are used when applying an overlay. RTEMS doesn't support overlays or re-parsing of device trees. So the symbols only increase the size of the binary. The same is true for the padding. It would be useful if the device tree is changed during run time which is not supported in RTEMS. Update #4180
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diff --git a/user/bsps/arm/imxrt.rst b/user/bsps/arm/imxrt.rst
index 1bce6d7..c60b51d 100644
--- a/user/bsps/arm/imxrt.rst
+++ b/user/bsps/arm/imxrt.rst
@@ -118,7 +118,7 @@ with your FDT source names)::
sh> arm-rtems6-cpp -P -x assembler-with-cpp \
-I ${PREFIX}/arm-rtems6/imxrt1052/lib/include \
-include "YOUR.dts" /dev/null | \
- dtc -@ -O dtb -o "YOUR.dtb" -b 0 -p 1024
+ dtc -O dtb -o "YOUR.dtb" -b 0 -p 64
sh> rtems-bin2c -C -N imxrt_dtb "YOUR.dtb" "YOUR.c"
Make sure that your new c file is compiled and linked into the application.