AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-09-24rtems: synch with rtems.HEADmasterJennifer Averett
2014-09-24schedsim_cluster01: Add scenario.Jennifer Averett
2014-06-17Add remainder of schedulers and cluster scheduler support.Jennifer Averett
2014-06-13rtems: Add _Thread_Yield support.Jennifer Averett
2014-06-04schedsim_smppriority_affinity: Resolve problem in expected files.Jennifer Averett
2014-06-04schedsim/rtems/ Resync with RTEMS sourceJoel Sherrill
2014-06-03schedsim_smppriority_affinity: New scenarios.Jennifer Averett
2014-06-03schedsim_smpsimple: Add task verification per core to scenario.Jennifer Averett
2014-06-03schedsim_priority: Add priority inheritance scenario.Jennifer Averett
2014-05-27Add Simulator for Uniprocessor Simple PriorityJoel Sherrill
2014-05-27Remove ChangeLog filesJoel Sherrill
2014-05-27schedsim.c: Verify status of 0Joel Sherrill
2014-05-27schedsim_priority: Fix incorrect expected values in script03.Jennifer Averett
2014-05-27schedsim_smppriority_affinity: Change expected scenaoro filenames to not incl...Jennifer Averett
2014-05-27schedsim_smpsimple: Change scenarios to expect verbose output.Jennifer Averett
2014-05-27schedsim_priority: Change scenario's to expect verbose output.Jennifer Averett
2014-05-27schedsim_smpsimple: Remove error case from scenario file.Jennifer Averett
2014-05-27schedsim.c: Print basename of scenarion and verbose is on by defaultJoel Sherrill
2014-05-26make check now works and reports pass/failJoel Sherrill
2014-05-26Add initial support for make checkJoel Sherrill
2014-05-26Misc so more scenarios runJoel Sherrill
2014-05-26_Thread_Dispatch wrapper is now shared between uniprocessor and SMP configura...Joel Sherrill
2014-05-26Unify printing of heir and executingJoel Sherrill
2014-05-26dispatch is now a shared SMP commandJoel Sherrill
2014-05-26current_cpu is now a shared SMP commandJoel Sherrill Generate config.hJoel Sherrill
2014-05-26shared/smp_stub.c: Correct bugJoel Sherrill
2014-05-26shared/smp_stub.c: Only one shared version nowJoel Sherrill
2014-05-26lookup*.c, main_semobtain.c: Link on uniprocessor againJoel Sherrill
2014-05-23Use shared main() and file processorJoel Sherrill
2014-05-23main_dump_all_cpus.c: Return error do not exitJoel Sherrill Exit on bad command resultJoel Sherrill
2014-05-23main_semobtain.c: Locked access to executingJoel Sherrill
2014-05-23schedsim_smpsimple: Add cpus4_inherit_priority.Jennifer Averett
2014-05-23schedsim_smppriority_affinity: Add expected file for cpus4_affinity_block_cas...Jennifer Averett
2014-05-23schedsim_smppriority_affinity: Add a worst case migration scenario.Jennifer Averett
2014-05-23schedsim_smppriority_affinity: Fix typo in name.Jennifer Averett
2014-05-23shared: fix print message in semaphore create.Jennifer Averett
2014-05-23lookup_task.c: Lock around getting executing id.Joel Sherrill
2014-05-23commands.c: Include config.hJoel Sherrill
2014-05-23schedsim_smppriority_affinity: Change scenario thread name to 4 characters.Jennifer Averett
2014-05-23schedsim_smppriority_affinity: Cleanup scenarios.Jennifer Averett
2014-05-23shared: Fix bug in cpu checking of dump all cpus method.Jennifer Averett
2014-05-22cpu.h: Include sys/cpuset.h so RTEMS tasks.h doesn't have to be modifiedJoel Sherrill
2014-05-22main_dump_all_cpus.c: Stop at end of args or CPUsJoel Sherrill
2014-05-22lookup_task.c: Fix bug where only first four chars of name matteredJoel Sherrill
2014-05-22cpus4_affinity_case1.scen: Add error checkingJoel Sherrill
2014-05-22Enhance cpus command to do validation of executing threads.Joel Sherrill
2014-05-22cpus4_affinity_case1.scen: Specify affinity in hexadecimalJoel Sherrill
2014-05-22cpus4_exercise_affinity_api.scen: Reword commentJoel Sherrill