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2018-12-20sparc_v8_stacks_regwin.rst: Add middle initail for Peter MagnussonHEADmasterJoel Sherrill
2018-12-20Eliminate UTF-8 characters except superscripted 2 in i2cJoel Sherrill
2018-12-20eng: Unicode char (U+200B)Sebastian Huber
2018-12-18common/ Fix indentation.Christian Mauderer
2018-12-17eng/coding-conventions.rst: Convert TBD to Rest Format (GCI 2018)Pritish Jain
2018-12-17eng/coding-doxygen: Fix errorsMarçal Comajoan Cara
2018-12-17eng/coding-file-hdr.rst: Fix file formatting (GCI 2018)Sal
2018-12-17eng/coding-doxygen.rst: Clean up and make subsubsectionsJoel Sherrill
2018-12-17Converted Doxygen Best Practices Documentation to Rest format (GCI 2018)zehata
2018-12-17coding-naming: Convert TBD to Rest format (GCI 2018)Pritish Jain
2018-12-17images/eng/Git-personalrepo: Redrawn image (GCI 2018)Marçal Comajoan Cara
2018-12-17eng/vc-users: Convert wiki page to Rest (GCI 2018)Marçal Comajoan Cara
2018-12-17eng/vc-authors: Convert wiki page to Rest (GCI 2018)Marçal Comajoan Cara
2018-12-17management: Convert TBD to rest Format (GCI 2018)Pritiah Jain
2018-12-17eng/ Use new short name of SW Eng HandbookMarçal Comajoan Cara
2018-12-17eng/license-requirements.rst: Add a TBD for BSD infoJoel Sherrill
2018-12-17coding-doxygen-bsp.rst, coding-file-hdr.rst: Fix formattingJoel Sherrill
2018-12-17coding-file-hdr: Convert TBD to Rest Format (GCI 2018)Pritish Jain
2018-12-17coding-doxygen-bsp: Convert TBD to rest Format(GCI 2018)Pritish Jain
2018-12-17coding-gen-patch:Convert TBD to rest Format(GCI 2018)Pritish Jain
2018-12-17eng/coding-80cols: Convert wiki page to RestMarçal Comajoan Cara
2018-12-17eng/appendix-a: convert to a tableMarçal Comajoan Cara
2018-12-17eng/test-suites.rst: Update to reflect current realityJoel Sherrill
2018-12-17test-suites:Convert TBD to rest Format(GCI 2018)Pritish Jain
2018-12-17Initial start of converting the Word outline to RestJoel Sherrill
2018-12-11Integrate images redrawn as part of GCI 2018Marçal Comajoan Cara
2018-12-10c-user: rtems_scheduler_get_maximum_priority()Sebastian Huber
2018-12-09posix-compliance: Change utimes() from sys/times.h to sys/time.hMarçal Comajoan Cara
2018-12-05Fix error messages when Sphinx version cannot be checked.Amar Takhar
2018-11-21posix-users/input_and_output.rst: Document errors for mount() and unmount()Joel Sherrill
2018-11-21posix-users/device_and_class_specific.rst: Add PrototypesMarçal Comajoan Cara
2018-11-21posix-users/input_and_output.rst: Add PrototypesMarçal Comajoan Cara
2018-11-21posix-users/memory_managment.rst: Add PrototypesMarçal Comajoan Cara
2018-11-21posix-users/system_database.rst: Add PrototypesMarçal Comajoan Cara
2018-11-21posix-users/thread_cancellation.rst: Add PrototypesMarçal Comajoan Cara
2018-11-21posix-users/language_specific_services.rst: Add Prototypes to Language Specif...Marçal Comajoan Cara
2018-11-21c-user: Remove 16-bit object identifiersSebastian Huber
2018-11-20cpu-supplement/sparc.rst: Merge Annul Slot Explanation (GCI 2018)zehata
2018-11-20cpu-supplement/sparc_v8_stacks_regwin.rst: Add credit boxJoel Sherrill
2018-11-20cpu-supplement/sparc_v8_stacks_regwin.rst: Complete FormattingMarçal Comajoan Cara
2018-11-19images/cpu_supplement/sparcwin.svg: New file (GCI 2018)Marçal Comajoan Cara
2018-11-19cpu-supplement/sparc_v8_stacks_regwin.rst: Simplify section titleJoel Sherrill
2018-11-19Improve SPARC Calling Overview Webpage conversionMarçal Comajoan Cara
2018-11-19cpu-supplement/sparc_v8_stacks_regwin.rst: Basic formatting with TBDsJoel Sherrill
2018-11-19Initial addition of SPARC V8 Stack/Register Windowing from Peter MagnussonJoel Sherrill
2018-11-16users/host/posix.rst: Update Ubuntu instructions based on 18.04.1 LTSJoel Sherrill
2018-11-16README.txt: Fix grammar errors (GCI 2018)Aneendya
2018-11-16glossary.rst: Fix grammar errors (GCI 2018)Aneendya
2018-11-16user: add a warning not to use special characters in pathnamesMarçal Comajoan Cara
2018-11-16c-user: Update type deprecationSebastian Huber