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4.11Fix SPARC_SWTRAP_IRQDIS typoJoel Sherrill20 months
mastersparc_v8_stacks_regwin.rst: Add middle initail for Peter MagnussonJoel Sherrill15 months
newlib-testerAdd newlib to rest test documentJoel Sherrill19 months
posix-newlibAdd newlib->Rest output from Dannie's scriptJoel Sherrill17 months
sw_eng_hbMerge branch 'sw_eng_hb' of ssh:// Sherrill16 months
4.11.3commit 739e0f97a0...Chris Johns2 years
4.11.2commit e9b193a5fa...Chris Johns3 years
4.11.0commit 58c815c64b...Chris Johns3 years
4.11.1commit 58c815c64b...Chris Johns3 years
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2018-12-20sparc_v8_stacks_regwin.rst: Add middle initail for Peter MagnussonHEADmasterJoel Sherrill
2018-12-20Eliminate UTF-8 characters except superscripted 2 in i2cJoel Sherrill
2018-12-20eng: Unicode char (U+200B)Sebastian Huber
2018-12-18common/ Fix indentation.Christian Mauderer
2018-12-17eng/coding-conventions.rst: Convert TBD to Rest Format (GCI 2018)Pritish Jain
2018-12-17eng/coding-doxygen: Fix errorsMarçal Comajoan Cara
2018-12-17eng/coding-file-hdr.rst: Fix file formatting (GCI 2018)Sal
2018-12-17eng/coding-doxygen.rst: Clean up and make subsubsectionsJoel Sherrill
2018-12-17Converted Doxygen Best Practices Documentation to Rest format (GCI 2018)zehata
2018-12-17coding-naming: Convert TBD to Rest format (GCI 2018)Pritish Jain