AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-08-20score: Fix ISR enable in _Thread_Dispatch_enable()4.11Sebastian Huber
2018-08-10rfs: Remove erroneous call of rtems_disk_release()Sebastian Huber
2018-06-19sptests/sp36: Remove obsolete test programSebastian Huber
2018-03-08cpukit/mttpd: Add a callback to generate a per file HTTP etag.Chris Johns
2018-02-08libtest/dl01: Add dlerror tests.4.11.3Chris Johns
2018-02-08Update dlerror usagePatrick Gauvin
2018-02-08libdl: Fix dlerror return typePatrick Gauvin
2018-02-08libdl: dlerror return NULL when no errorPatrick Gauvin
2018-02-08libdl: Clear error between dlerror invocationsPatrick Gauvin
2018-02-08testsuites/libtest: Set EXENT to .exe so executable are correctly named.Chris Johns
2017-12-07dosfs: Allow creating a file with similar name.Christian Mauderer
2017-12-05dosfs: Fix files with same name as volume name.Christian Mauderer
2017-10-04posix: Fix aio_cancel()Sebastian Huber
2017-10-02i2c: Fix EEPROM driver program timeout handlingSebastian Huber
2017-10-02i2c: Send MSB of address first for EEPROMsSebastian Huber
2017-09-06dosfs: Fix fat_file_update()Sebastian Huber
2017-09-06dosfs: Fix find name next entry preparationSebastian Huber
2017-09-06dosfs: Fix msdos_dir_read()Sebastian Huber
2017-08-23testsuite/dl: Add C++ by default for DL tests which use C++.Chris Johns
2017-08-23libmisc/shell: Make some internal shell functions public.Chris Johns
2017-08-22confdefs: Fix POSIX keys configurationSebastian Huber
2017-08-10arm: Validate IT[7:0] bit field of PSRSebastian Huber
2017-08-10arm: Fix CPU context validation for Cortex-R4Sebastian Huber
2017-07-07arm: Fix ARMv7-M interrupt processing4.11.2Sebastian Huber
2017-05-11bsps/arm: Fix bit field offset in GIC supportSebastian Huber
2017-04-04libdl: Back port C++ exception throw and catch from 4.12.Chris Johns
2017-03-21dosfs: Fix file name searchSebastian Huber
2017-03-21dosfs: Fix race condition msdos_dir_read()Sebastian Huber
2017-03-21dosfs: Rename fat_entries to lfn_entriesSebastian Huber
2017-03-21dosfs: Fix long file name paddingSebastian Huber
2017-03-21dosfs: msdos_filename_utf8_to_short_name_for_saveSebastian Huber
2017-03-21dosfs: Fix msdos_add_file()Sebastian Huber
2017-03-21dosfs: Simplify msdos_add_file()Sebastian Huber
2017-03-21dosfs: Add and use msdos_lfn_checksum()Sebastian Huber
2017-03-21dosfs: Simplify fat_file_open()Sebastian Huber
2017-03-21dosfs: Simplify msdos_creat_node()Sebastian Huber
2017-03-21dosfs: Fix fat_file_write()Sebastian Huber
2017-03-21dosfs: Fix msdos_utf8_normalize_and_fold()Sebastian Huber
2017-03-21libio: Fix deadlock in location managementSebastian Huber
2017-03-21Config (.cfg) files are only valid if deeper than 5.Chris Johns
2017-02-28termios: Fix infinite loop in receive pathSebastian Huber
2017-02-28termios: Protect raw input buffer with device lockSebastian Huber
2017-02-28termios: Simplify rtems_termios_read_tty()Sebastian Huber
2017-02-28dosfs: Fix FAT32 formatterSebastian Huber
2017-02-28dosfs: Directories should have a file size of 0Sebastian Huber
2017-02-15Remove old CVS keywordsNick Withers
2017-02-15Fix exception handler for supporting FPUSudarshan Rajagopalan
2017-02-14dosfs: Fix msdos_find_file_in_directory()Sebastian Huber
2017-01-26Change version to Huber
2017-01-12GRETH: Interrupt Handler Uses Wrong EventsChristian Spindeldreier