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2018-11-29rtemstoolkit/host: Fix the darwin support.Chris Johns
2018-11-29waf: Fix version paths on Windows.Chris Johns
2018-11-23rtemstoolkit: Add unit testing for the python modulesChris Johns
2018-10-03config: Consolidate the version information into a single configuration fileChris Johns
2018-10-02config: Create a config directory and move the RTEMS arch/bsp data to it.Chris Johns
2018-06-19Fix CXC build for x86-w64-mingw32Sebastian Huber
2018-06-14bin2c: Import from RTEMSSebastian Huber
2018-04-10waf: Add getcwd() to sys.path as waf has changed.Chris Johns
2017-11-09Change RTEMS version from 4.12 to 5Sebastian Huber
2016-02-22Do not change the Python os.sep setting.Chris Johns
2016-02-19Add Windows specific waf support for MSYS2.Chris Johns
2016-02-19Disable installing PYO and PYC. Fix install paths.Chris Johns
2015-12-11VERSION as an INI format file.Chris Johns
2015-12-10Use the git hash for the revision in the version string.Chris Johns
2015-12-09Add release versioning support.Chris Johns
2015-10-19Fix Windows build issues.Chris Johns
2015-01-18Add support to cross-compile. Use --hosti=.Chris Johns
2014-09-13Refactor code into the RTEMS Toolkit.Chris Johns
2014-09-13waf: Include waf in the souce tree and updated README on building.Chris Johns