AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-09-01Clean up the obj parse patch.HEADmasterChris Johns
2014-09-01Fixed comparison of ELF object namesMohammed Khoory
2014-07-24Free memory after printing the error message.Chris Johns
2014-07-15Fix rap/elf archive file loadPeng Fan
2014-07-12Fix colon problemPeng Fan
2013-09-07Remove warnings.Chris Johns
2013-09-07Colon in module path fix Fixed a bug that occurs if loading a module located ...Mohammed Khoory
2013-09-05Fix warningsPeng Fan
2013-09-05Test for new features and new toolsPeng Fan
2013-09-05load rap file from ra filePeng Fan
2013-09-05Debug support for elf filesPeng Fan
2013-09-05Add rpath supportPeng Fan
2013-09-05file details and debug supportPeng Fan
2013-09-05assign NULL to free pointerPeng Fan
2013-09-05pair unlock when rap loadPeng Fan
2013-09-05More m68k reloc supportPeng Fan
2013-09-05M32r supportPeng Fan
2013-09-05V850 SupportPeng Fan
2013-09-05Moxie SupportPeng Fan
2013-09-05LM32 SupportPeng Fan
2013-09-05H8300 SupportPeng Fan
2013-09-05Bfin supportPeng Fan
2013-09-05Fix symbols which need underscorePeng Fan
2013-07-24Sparc testcasePeng Fan
2013-07-24Mips SupportPeng Fan
2013-07-22powerpc supportPeng Fan
2013-07-22ARM SupportPeng Fan
2013-07-22Fixed align and add underscorePeng Fan
2013-06-04Fix rela addendPeng Fan
2013-05-16Fixed --no-embedMohammed Khoory
2013-01-15Commit the correct shell-init version.Chris Johns
2013-01-15Add support for RAP module loading/unload plus a shell command.Chris Johns
2013-01-15Update comments.Chris Johns
2013-01-12Add format signatures. Add find files.Chris Johns
2013-01-01Check the BSP and include if bspport.rap is present.Chris Johns
2013-01-01Automatically load the bspport.rap if present.Chris Johns
2013-01-01Add -s for symbols to 'rtl list' command.Chris Johns
2012-12-31Create the RTL error before freeing the buffer.Chris Johns
2012-12-18Fix string handling of symbols.Chris Johns
2012-12-18Update the output buffer pointer when looping.Chris Johns
2012-12-18Fix reading to the end of the file.Chris Johns
2012-12-18Add the where to the prints.Chris Johns
2012-12-15Turn on IDE disks for the PC bsp.Chris Johns
2012-12-15Remove the rtems-ld debugging.Chris Johns
2012-12-15Install the grub configuration file with the PC BSP.Chris Johns
2012-12-15The symbol is the section base and addend. Add some more debugging.Chris Johns
2012-12-15The REL and RELA handlers are backwards. Swap.Chris Johns
2012-12-13Fix the warning.Chris Johns
2012-12-13Add the PC tweak for the base address.Chris Johns
2012-12-12Relocation is almost working for RAP files.Chris Johns