AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-09-13Remove invalid file that was added.HEADmasterChris Johns
2014-09-10rtems-tld: Add a printk generator.Chris Johns
2014-09-10rtems-tld: Fix warnings in the generated code.Chris Johns
2014-09-10Fix the error message.Chris Johns
2014-09-10Fix the tempfile output code to handle line breaks better.Chris Johns
2014-09-10Make the verbose take the level and return the level if valid.Chris Johns
2014-09-09linkers: If no RTEMS path is provied see if the prefix can be used.Chris Johns
2014-09-09rtems-tld: Add entry and exit trace support.Chris Johns
2014-09-08rtems-tld: Generate arg and ret code in the wrapper.Chris Johns
2014-09-08Fix building on CentOS 6.5.Chris Johns
2014-09-08RTEMS trace linker builds trace applications.Chris Johns
2014-09-07Refactor the rld-rtems support to remove the globals.Chris Johns
2014-09-07rtems-tld: Add --wrapper option to aid testing.Chris Johns
2014-09-07Chanhe the base temp file name to 'rld--'.Chris Johns
2014-09-06Fix rtems-ld to keep tmep files around while building.Chris Johns
2014-09-06Refactor the CC flags. Fix the various linkers. The trace linker is compiling.Chris Johns
2014-09-06Fxi the split call.Chris Johns
2014-09-06Add a path str. Remove the duplicate split call.Chris Johns
2014-09-06Trim the return value from a package file.Chris Johns
2014-09-05Remove march/mcpu and add RTEMS BSP and cflags support.Chris Johns
2014-09-05Add support for RTEMS BSP or user supplied CFLAGS. Remove march/mcpu.Chris Johns
2014-09-05Return the requested label.Chris Johns
2014-09-01rld: Split the file into a path module for path specific functions.Chris Johns
2014-09-01Fix getopt_long usagePeng Fan
2014-08-07rtms-tld: Refactor the code to match a better configuration format.Chris Johns
2014-08-05rtems-tld: Add wrapper support and start the generator coding.Chris Johns
2014-08-05Fix temporary file handling and add tempfile write support.Chris Johns
2014-08-04rtems-tld: Add generator loading support.Chris Johns
2014-08-04rtems-tld: Add recursive parsing of headers and defines.Chris Johns
2014-08-04rtems-tld: Add trace configuration support.Chris Johns
2014-08-01Add initial support for the RTEM Trace Linker.Chris Johns
2014-08-01Fix building on Windows with the latest MSVC.Chris Johns
2014-07-24std::list should be sorted before uniquePeng Fan
2013-08-30Implement a new tool 'rtems-ra'Peng Fan
2013-08-29Ignore common section and null(index 0) sectionPeng Fan
2013-08-29RA format support for rtems-ldPeng Fan
2013-08-29Fix archive writerPeng Fan
2013-08-04Add rpath supportPeng Fan
2013-08-01Add section size for rap detailsPeng Fan
2013-07-26Add object file details to RAP formatPeng Fan
2013-07-22collect 'STT_NOTYPE' symbolsPeng Fan
2013-07-22fix relocation records orderPeng Fan
2013-07-21Add support for relocations which reference local symbolsPeng Fan
2013-07-19Fixed fsecPeng Fan
2013-07-19Fixed layout problemPeng Fan
2013-07-19arch specific section supportPeng Fan
2013-03-01Fix RELA in RAP formats.Chris Johns
2013-03-01Support the gcc option '-Wl'.Chris Johns
2013-03-01Fix the trace help.Chris Johns
2013-03-01Fix errors building on CentOS.Chris Johns