AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-01-05Avoid default RTEMS application configurationHEADmasterSebastian Huber Pass -EL, -EB, and -Gn to link phaseJoel Sherrill
2019-01-05Change RTEMS path check from `bin` to `share/rtems<version>`.Chris Johns
2019-01-05Fix --show-commands.Christian Mauderer
2018-09-25Add a README with details on updating a project as well as using rtems_wafChris Johns
2018-04-09Fix bsp_init hook.Christian Mauderer
2018-04-06Add bsp_init hook.Christian Mauderer
2017-10-02Add a rootfd module to make it easier for users.Chris Johns
2017-10-02Use the returned cflags. Add a Python 3 print helper.Chris Johns
2016-09-11rtems: Do not add --std=gnu+=11 when RTEMS is built with SMP.Chris Johns
2016-09-11libbsd: Fix UnboundLocalError when rtems_libbsd is None.Chris Johns
2016-07-25Add support to access rtems-libbsd.Chris Johns
2016-07-25Process all files to be added to a tar file.Chris Johns
2016-07-09Fix the --show-commands option.Christian Mauderer
2016-06-20Use long commands on more platformsSebastian Huber
2016-06-16Remove tabs as white space.Chris Johns
2016-06-16Fix the root_filesystem tar command on Windows.Chris Johns
2016-06-16Add long command line support for gcc.Chris Johns
2016-06-15Add root_filesystem support to create a root file system.Chris Johns
2016-05-11Pass through commands we do not expand.Chris Johns
2016-05-07Correctly expand the commands for each BSP to build.Chris Johns
2016-04-18Remove the 4.11 reference and use the version argument.Chris Johns
2016-04-18Add default RTEMS version support, environment var checking and CC version me...Chris Johns
2015-11-14Fix module import for msys2Sebastian Huber
2015-11-13Python 3 compatibilitySebastian Huber
2015-11-13Add missing pkgconfig moduleSebastian Huber
2015-11-13Delete non-existing RTEMS_ATOMICSebastian Huber
2015-11-13Derive default RTEMS version and path from prefixSebastian Huber
2015-11-13Derive default paths from RTEMS versionSebastian Huber
2015-11-13Do RTEMS CPU options check earlySebastian Huber
2014-09-22Fix the rtems-tld wrapper option.Chris Johns
2014-09-21Clean up the rtems-tld support.Chris Johns
2014-09-21Provide support for trac linking.Chris Johns
2014-06-23Let the user provide a handler that is called when configuring.Chris Johns
2013-12-15Add an ignore.Chris Johns
2013-12-12Create new repo from existing files.Chris Johns