AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-12-26Ignore the waf python3 workspace.HEADmasterChris Johns
2018-12-26Fix python3 print problem.Chris Johns
2018-12-09Add some Livermore pthread examples (GCI 2013/2018)Marçal Comajoan Cara
2018-12-09Remove outdated instructions and change sis to erc32Marçal Comajoan Cara
2018-10-26README.Makefile: New fileJoel Sherrill
2018-10-25Update rtems_wafSebastian Huber
2018-10-14rtems_waf: Update to get #3424Joel Sherrill
2018-10-14file_io/crc/Makefile: Update to match wscriptJoel Sherrill
2018-10-14README.waf: Update to reflect RTEMS 5 and sis->erc32 transitionJoel Sherrill
2018-09-26Add various programs to report default attributes for various POSIX objectsJoel Sherrill
2018-09-24c11_thread01/test.c: Fix minor issuesJoel Sherrill
2018-09-24README.waf: Update waf URL and sis->erc32Joel Sherrill
2018-09-24rtems_waf: Update to pick up rtems5 not having bin/Joel Sherrill
2018-06-18rtems_waf: Move to the public repositories.Christian Mauderer
2018-01-18wscript: fix default version from 4.12 to 5Gedare Bloom
2017-10-12Add examples for using the entire C11 <threads.h> API.Joel Sherrill
2017-10-12Add C11 Threading ExamplesJoel Sherrill
2017-10-12psx_sched_report: Add RTEMS configuration to address build issue.Joel Sherrill
2017-10-12Make crc and fdopen buildJoel Sherrill
2017-10-12Fix warningsSebastian Huber
2017-10-12Fix configuration warningsSebastian Huber
2017-10-12Update due to trace linker changesSebastian Huber
2017-10-05ticker/low_ticker2/init.c: Add include <rtems/bspIo.h>Joel Sherrill
2017-10-05ticker/low_ticker1/init.c: Add include <rtems/bspIo.h>Joel Sherrill
2017-10-05ticker/low_ticker/init.c: Add include <rtems/bspIo.h>Joel Sherrill
2017-10-05led/complex1/MessageQueueT.h: Add include <cstring>Joel Sherrill
2017-10-02Update rtems_waf to use the rootfs support. Fix trace linker INI files.Chris Johns
2017-10-02Add waf to the project so we control the version required.Chris Johns
2016-08-07posix_api/psx_sched_report/test.c: Uses default configuration now.Joel Sherrill
2016-08-07led/msg_server/init.c: Account for message buffers in configuration.Joel Sherrill
2016-04-13fat_ramdisk: define POSIX keys numberPeng Fan
2015-05-28Added code to turn on and off LED for STM32F4 Discovery Board4.
2015-05-28Pre-release top level clean upJoel Sherrill
2015-05-17Update top files for upcoming releaseJoel Sherrill
2015-03-03hello: remove spurious code. Close #2264Gedare Bloom
2014-09-22Add more trace builds for other examples.Chris Johns
2014-09-21Add a deep trace of the both hello world.Chris Johns
2014-09-21Add RTEMS trace support.Chris Johns
2014-09-05Clean up warnings.Chris Johns
2014-09-05hello: Fix the waf script.Chris Johns
2014-08-29example-v2 patch for RPi B+ (led)Pierre Ficheux
2014-08-29Miscellaneous clean up and warning removalJoel Sherrill
2013-12-13User friendly error message if the rtems_waf module is not included.Chris Johns
2013-12-12Replace rtems_waf with a submoduleChirayu Desai
2013-12-12waf: append .exe to target namesGedare Bloom
2013-12-12led: complex1: Add support for building with wafChirayu Desai
2013-12-12misc: Add a commented out call to build adamain with wafChirayu Desai
2013-12-12misc: adamain: Add support for building wafChirayu Desai
2013-12-12cxx: Add support for building with wafChirayu Desai
2013-12-12posix_api: Pass needed argument to posix checkChirayu Desai