AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-03-29Update to the latest doxygen config file.HEADmasterChris Johns fix website in iPhones and iPadsMarçal Comajoan Cara
2018-02-16Translate the docs path to a doxygen path.Chris Johns
2018-02-16Fix the arguments to loading a cat and the main page.Chris Johns
2018-02-16Default the master catalogue to show whem loaded.Chris Johns
2018-02-16Add links to releases and branches for Doxygen.Chris Johns
2018-02-16Update to 2018.Chris Johns
2018-02-16RTEMS 4.11.3 release.Chris Johns
2017-09-15Add doxygen publishing scripts.Chris Johns
2017-09-15Make sure there is a valid tar and tags file to upload.Chris Johns
2017-09-15Add doxygen support.Chris Johns
2017-09-14Update the README.Chris Johns
2017-09-14The new files are part of the script workspace.Chris Johns
2017-09-13Change the handover path to support doxygen.Chris Johns
2017-09-13Ignore build output.Chris Johns
2017-09-04Add the 4.11.0 release.Chris Johns
2017-09-04Add release 4.11.2Chris Johns
2017-09-04Fix main page release path and release page error message.Chris Johns
2017-09-04Master table of docs visible on loading.Chris Johns
2017-09-04Add docs builder scripts for the RTEMS servers.Chris Johns
2017-09-04Update comment to RTEMS 4.11Chris Johns
2017-09-04Make a docs direct and move the website to it.Chris Johns
2017-03-20Add 4.11.1 as the latest release. Fix current vs legacy support.Chris Johns
2017-01-15docs: Limit View tickets menu to just open/new/reopened tickets.Chris Johns
2017-01-13html: Add buttons to all pages.Chris Johns
2017-01-13releases: Fix 4.8 and 4.7.Chris Johns
2017-01-13releases: Fix 4.10.1 - 4.9 releases.Chris Johns
2017-01-13Fix the catalogue JS <div> tag.Chris Johns
2017-01-13Fix branches.html <div> tags.Chris Johns
2017-01-13A set is unordered so a sorted list is unique.Chris Johns
2017-01-13Do not sort INI comma lists by default.Chris Johns
2017-01-13Add the cpu_supplement title.Chris Johns
2017-01-13Fix branches and 4.10.2 paths.Chris Johns
2017-01-13First commit before heading to Johns