The Real-Time Executive for Multiprocessor Systems or RTEMS is a full featured RTOS that supports a variety of open API and interface standards. Major decisions about RTEMS are made by the Steering Committee, guided by the Mission Statement. We encourage everyone to contribute changes and help testing RTEMS, and we provide access to our development sources with a git repository. We strive to provide regular, high quality releases, which we want to work well on a wide range of embedded targets using cross development from a variety of hosts including GNU/Linux, MS-Windows, FreeBSD, Mingw, Cygwin, and Solaris.

For those new to RTEMS the Quick Start Guide will give lead you through getting RTEMS tools, an RTEMS kernel and an easy to use Board Support Package (BSP).

We have two Fedora Virtual Machine images at Sourceforge. The images are updated a couple of times a year and is a low effort way to get started with RTEMS. The VMs were created and tested using VirtualBox. The VM image includes SPARC and i386 target support as well as Eclipse with the RTEMS plugin. Simulators are included for the SPARC/sis BSP and i386/pc386. Qemu is also installed and configured to support testing networked applications with the pc386 BSP. See the Virtual Machine for Development page for more details.